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Radiant Orchid

Pantone‘s color of the year is “Radiant Orchid”! Why should you care? It means you’ll start to notice this color every where from paint colors, scarves, nail polish and even with lamps. That’s right.. It’s orchid’s year! And if you want to be awesome, get your mom an orchid colored scarf for Mother’s Day this […]

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A Year in Review and Goals

Well, I don’t have a year’s worth of posts on this blog to really review. So, I’ll just reflect back on the past year. Supported hubs as he finished his last semester in grad school and then cheered him on as he graduated with his Masters. He started job searching in Feb and it wasn’t […]

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I'm the worst mom ever

Yes. I am the worst mom ever. I don’t let them eat candy before a meal. They get a time out when they hit, say something mean, yell or don’t share. They get a longer time out when they do all four at the same time. “Worst mom ever”. I’m such a “horrible” mom when […]

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