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Monster Oat Cookies (eggless) Recipe

Go big or go home, right? 😉 Well these cookies are definitely huge. You can only bake 6 at a time on a cookie sheet. There are two ways to make these monster cookies, and in a moment of desperation I attempted an eggless version and increased some ratios to compensate. These taste awesome with […]

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How to make Elote (Mexican corn-on-the-cob)

In my house, there’s only one way to prepare fresh corn. You either make elote, or you don’t bother buying corn. Don’t get me wrong, we use canned sweet niblets in recipes (I make a killer tortilla soup) but any cobs that come through our door are turned into elote. Eeeee-looooooow-tay!!! Let’s start with the […]

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We had a stork visit…

Soooo I wasn’t due for another week, but little one decided to arrive a few weeks early and just skip that whole last month. Which means I’ve been adjusting to life with a newborn, again. Luckily, it’s not as hard this time around since I’ve done it a few times before this. But it’s definitely […]

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Eucalan-No Rinse Delicate Wash packets

**I was given these samples to review, and this is my honest opinion of them** Any good knitter knows “handmade=handwash”. And while we try to tell the recipients to do that, it’s still hard for them to remember. Which is why these individual packets are perfect to add with your gifts! The little packets include […]

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Louet Spinzilla June Fiber Pack-Review

You know those times when your heart flutters and you get extremely excited and nervous at the same time? That happened just the other day when a big brown box arrived on my doorstep. As soon as I saw the name LOUET all in bold on the side I immediately had butterflies. Naturally, I oh […]

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