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Heidi and Finn Inspired Stocking

Well, momma wanted a sophisticated stocking for herself. Yes, I’m talking in third person…that happens Christmas Eve when you have a big sewing queue. Hah. So, she stepped up to the Pattern Revolution stocking challenge once again. But this time she stalked Heidi and Finn, so classically timeless. Perfect for a classy broad. 😉

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Scientific Seamstress Inspired Stocking

My little girl is Alice. Named after my grandma, and the character. It’s the cutest thing when she walks around with her little white rabbit stuffed animal or her cheshire cat. So I’m really excited to share this! Pattern Revolution released a free stocking pattern, but added a caveat… that you should “stalk” your favorite […]

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Tutorial-Ponytail holder

I love wearing my hair up, but I’m always losing those elastic ponytail holders that you can buy in bulk. Which is why I love these even more. Quick and easy to make (and cheap)! It’s faster to make one than to hunt one down. First gather your supplies: 1 yd- fold over elastic (FOE) […]

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Rachel is… CURRENTLY Enjoying…a little peace and quiet during naptime. The only real time I have to accomplish anything (like projects or writing). Or just sitting down without anyone jumping on me. The most sacred part of my day. No one messes with the kids’ naptime…because you know, they need their sleep…or something. 😉 CURRENTLY […]

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